Save On Shipping is all about providing ways that help our kOOky customers maximise their savings on shipping costs. 

We offer the following awesome shipping methods:

1) Combine And Save On Unique Items
This simply means you save more on shipping when you add more then one unqiue item to your cart.

So if you buy more than one unique item, then your shipping costs for the 2nd, 3rd or subsequent unqiue items are heavily discounted

2) Combine & Save on Same Item
If you add 2 or more of the same item to your cart, and on 90% of our items you will enjoy huge shipping savings on any additional quantity of that item added to your cart.

Add 2 x Fluffy Blue Hats to Cart
First Fluffy Blue Hat standard shipping rate is $7.50
Second Fluffy Blue Hat shipping rate is reduced to $0.50

However, in most cases we just give you multiple quantirties of the same item for no extra fee! Yep we like to spoil our visitors!