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Gags & Pranks For The Practical Jokers

Get kOOky just cannot get enough of prank and gag gift ideas.

We literally hunt around on hands and knees for the latest and greatest in practical jokes to ensure our customers have every bit of ammunition they need to make every day and April Fools Day! We aren't bias (much), has the best prank and gag gift ideas ever.

Fool dad, frighten mum, scare the cat or put a whoopie cushion on your Grandma’s chair. It’s time to play a practical joke. kOOky has searched the galaxy to ensure our customers have access to the craziest gags and prank gifts.

While your hear, don't just nick off without buying a bunch of gag gifts that you can pull out at anytime you feel you need to have a laugh at someone else’s expense. kOOky loves gags, we pay homage to the practical joker.

Get kOOky stocks the shelves with the latest whacky practical jokes ever. GK puts the practical back into the joke!

Gags & Pranks For The Practical Jokers

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