What is GetKooky.com.au?

We are the Purveyors of Whacky!

We sell anything that is a little around the bend, left of centre, slightly loopy, haywire, crackers, bonkers, nutty, whacky, fruity, balmy.

The World Behind Our kOOky mOnster

Captain's Journal Ooky1

Last week we  landed on the Blue Planet. The technicians said we crashed in a place called Australia, Earth year 2011.
Also that the ship is ruined (this would be my 3rd completely wracked ship in less than 10 space voyages)... what can I say... I'm not very good with space ships and they should have given me a designated driver... Anyway, this place we are in now is sooo cool you wouldn't believe it! We've never taken much interest in the Blue Planet before, a bit too boring for our kOOky taste, but you should see Australia! I absolutely love it! And the people are so kOOkalicios, it feels just like home!

My birth planet is kOOkysus and we are all kOOky there! We communicate with each other by exchanging whacky, weird, funny, kOOky gifts and because we're so good at this we began trading with other planets. I am a Chief kOOkologist, pretty high rank awarded to me not for my merits as a space ship commander, obviously, but for how good I am at finding the kOOkiest gifts ever in all the galaxies ever known. On my planet I am known as  Mahwalliwa, but people here call me the kOOky mOnster. Took a while to get over the mOnster part, but they are so cool and kOOky, it's wicked!

As soon as the ship crashed we were surrounded by people so to let them know I come in peace, I took out some of the gifts I had aboard and shared them. It was such a treat to watch them enjoying the gifts that I made a life changing decision: I'm staying here! They took me in and set up a really cool place for me to start my trading on Earth, it's called www.GetkOOky.com.au. My mission is still the same: to find the wackiest, nuttiest, kOOkiest gifts from all over the galaxies and share them with the people here. I have a great team here, I call them the Purveyors Of Wacky. They taught me to do all my research for novelty gifts ideas online, so I don't get to wreck another space ship every other day, but all good, I am kinda into it now.

Mum, dad, bro, if you wanna get in touch with me, you can look me up on facebook.com, twitter.com, pintrest.com, google+, this is how everybody does it here. And if you want to be up to date with my life and work on this planet, check out my blog www.getkOOky.blogspot.com

Cheers, mate!

(they call everyone “mate” here... don't know why... I don't think they actually mates with everybody they call “mate”...)

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